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    Coalition for a Healthy Oregon is an association of 6 of Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations, which provide high-quality, affordable health care to Oregonians on the Oregon Health Plan.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will provide reliable news and information, especially as it relates to CCOs and state health care policy.

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The Coalition for a Healthy Oregon (COHO) is a group of coordinated care organizations (CCOs) that serve over 282,000 of our state’s Medicaid members through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the delivery of accessible, high-quality and cost-effective health care through local, community-based managed care delivery systems. LEARN MORE

Oregon’s CCOs are Delivering Results

  • Prevention

    Oregon’s coordinated care organizations’ focus on preventive care through the implementation of patient-centered primary care homes has saved the system approximately $240 million between 2012 and 2014. SEE REPORT

  • Prenatal Care

    Oregon’s CCOs have improved the rate of prenatal care delivery to expecting mothers. Receiving prenatal care in the first trimester is a vital step to a healthy pregnancy and fewer low birth weight babies. SEE REPORT

  • Dental Health

    Since 2014, Oregon’s CCOs have helped increase the percentage of children ages 6-14 who received a dental sealant on a permanent molar by 65 percent. SEE REPORT

About COHO

Driving Healthcare Transformation

Oregon is recognized as a national leader in healthcare and expanding access to quality local care for Oregonians of all ages and backgrounds. The Oregon Health Plan (OHP), the state’s Medicaid program, is a prime example of Oregon’s innovative approach to reimaging healthcare from a costly and fragmented system to one that is coordinated and affordable for everyone.

Driving the success of OHP are coordinated care organizations (CCOs) that connect members to physical, behavioral, and dental care in local communities across the state. COHO has played a key role in the continued evolution of OHP and healthcare policy in Oregon since it was founded in 2005. Today, COHO’s six-member CCOs serve over 282,000 of the state’s OHP members, the majority of whom are children under 18.

COHO and its healthcare partners have achieved impressive results for Oregon:

  • Expanded the number of individuals qualifying for Oregon’s Medicaid program, OHP
  • Secured legislation promoting primary and preventative care to reduce costly emergency room visits
  • Strengthened wrap-around services for vulnerable, high-risk OHP members
  • Ensured local, communities continue to drive the model of health care delivery for the state’s Medicaid population
  • Built robust coalitions to successfully advance numerous healthcare initiatives locally and statewide

Oregonians Served

COHO CCOs & Communities Served

COHO CCOs & Communities Served

Website: AdvancedHealth.com
Facebook Page: facebook.com/advancedhealth.org
Service Area: Coos & Curry Counties
Members Served: Over 22,000

Website: allcarehealth.com/Medicaid
Facebook Page: facebook.com/advancedhealth.org
Service Area: Curry, Jackson, Josephine & Southern Douglas Counties
Members Served: Over 49,000

Website: cascadehealthalliance.com
Facebook Page: facebook.com/CascadeHealth
Service Area: Klamath County
Members Served: Over 20,000

Website: ihntogether.org
Facebook Page: facebook.com
Service Area: Lincoln, Benton, and Linn Counties

Website: trilliumohp.com
Facebook Page: facebook.com/TrilliumCHP
Service Area:Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Lane & Douglas Counties
Members Served: Over 34,000

Website: umpquahealth.com
Facebook Page: facebook.com/UmpquaHealth
Service Area:Douglas County
Members Served: Over 29,000

Website: yamhillcco.org
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/YamhillCCO
Service Area:Yamhill County (and parts of Washington and Polk Counties)
Members Served: Over 28,000

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