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InterCommunity Health Network CCO Joins Coalition for a Healthy Oregon

CORVALLIS, Oregon – Coalition for a Healthy Oregon (COHO) is pleased to announce that InterCommunity Health Network (IHN-CCO) has joined its statewide association of coordinated care organizations (CCOs). COHO members are CCOs that connect members to physical, behavioral, and dental care in communities across the state. CCOs provide high-quality, locally controlled health care and wellness […]

HB 3353: Using Oregon’s Upcoming Medicaid Waiver to Invest in Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity

CCOs make community investments that address Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and Health Equity. The OHA then looks at those SDOH related community investments and decides what specific investments qualify for Health Related Services (HRS). Historically, some of these investments are not accepted as HRS, but rather, “administrative expenses,” and thus, these are not captured […]


Building Healthier Lives by Addressing Social Determinants

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, COHO CCOs have continued to invest in their communities to improve access to health care services. One such investment serving thousands of Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members is the Trillium Resource Exchange, or T-REX for short. This investment, made by Trillium Community Health Plan helps connect OHP members to nearby resources they need, like […]


COHO Medicaid Provider Solves Child’s Health Mystery

In the face of a pandemic, the Coalition for a Healthy Oregon’s coordinated care organizations (CCOs) have been stepping up to ensure their members receive the care they need promptly and effectively Earlier this month, the Roseburg News-Review ran a story about a toddler, Jameson Wilson, who has a chronic condition called eosinophilic esophagitis. This condition […]

Yamhill Community Care Joins COHO

Partnership Builds Momentum for COHO’s Aggressive Legislative Agenda MCMINNVILLE, Oregon – The Coalition for a Healthy Oregon (COHO) is pleased to announce that Yamhill Community Care has joined its statewide association of coordinated care organizations that now represent more than 184,000 members of the Oregon Health Plan. The six members of COHO provide high-quality health […]

Should Addressing Low-Value Care be a Policy Priority?

Last week, the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Health Leadership Council released a study which seeks to identify ways to lower the cost of health care by eliminating “low-value” services – medical treatments, tests, and procedures that have been shown to provide little benefit in certain clinical scenarios. In the battle to rein in […]

CCO Creation: Legislation (SB 1580)

In Oregon, about 23.8 percent of our population uses the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) for their health insurance. That means CCOs across the state are serving roughly 984,106 Oregonians by ensuring they have access to equitable, timely, and appropriate health services. This current organization that utilizes CCOs as a single point of contact for Medicaid health […]

COHO Member Delivers Summer Fun

We have known for quite some time that our schools play a stabilizing role in many families’ lives, providing access to resources along with an education. Many schools were helping to ensure children were eating on a regular basis at reduced or waived rates, connecting children and parents to social services and community supports, and providing […]

Trillium Community Health Plan investments to address housing and food security concerns for OHP Members

Affordable housing advocates have been working with legislators for years to craft state policies to meaningfully address housing affordability and access to affordable housing. Without attempting to grade past performance in this area, it is safe to say there is still work to be done in this policy area. In this fourth installment in our COHO Health Equity series, we spotlight COHO member Trillium Community Health Plan investments to address housing and food security […]