CCO Highlight: Trillium Community Health Plan

All our member CCOs are doing a fantastic job filling gaps for their members during this critical time, and this week, we decided to highlight an exciting pilot project by Trillium Community Health Plan!

Through this crisis, we know every single Oregonian will be affected in one way or another. The difficult part is identifying those who are most in need and finding a solution to serve them. In one of its many initiatives, Trillium Community Health Plan is focusing on an at-risk population that we haven’t heard much about: pregnant women and people.

Just like those who are immune-compromised, pregnant women and those less than two weeks postpartum are at incredibly high risk for contracting COVID-19 and developing medical complications. Women’s Care, one of Trillium’s provider partners, reached out to explore ways they could work together to reduce pregnant Oregonians’ exposure to COVID-19, while still ensuring they are receiving essential health services, like doctor’s visits.

Part of Trillium’s mission during this COVID-19 crisis is to keep its members as safe as possible. So, Trillium launched a project in partnership with Women’s Care to identify reasons that pregnant people go to the doctor, to find creative ways to decrease doctor visits. Women’s Care was able to pinpoint that it is crucial for pregnant people to get their blood pressure checked often for gestational hypertension, chronic hypertension, or preeclampsia. Often, blood pressure checks generally happen in-person at the doctor’s office or a local pharmacy.

In order to keep pregnant patients away from pharmacies, grocery stores, and doctor’s offices, where their chance of contracting COVID-19 is high, Trillium provided 105 blood pressure cuffs to Women’s Care, so members can check their own blood pressure at home. This decision on Trillium’s part further ensures the safety of their member, and their newborn.

Not only did Trillium help identify and provide a solution to the need discussed above, it was also able to fulfill a request from Lane County Public Health to procure much-needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Trillium procured 5,000 N95 masks, 96 face shields, and 150 gowns by working with its corporate partners and shipped this critical PPE directly to Lane County Public Health.

Trillium Community Health wants you to remember that we’re all in this together. A sentiment we’ve heard often during this outbreak, and we feel is especially true for CCOs, providers, and the community members we serve.

Thank you, Trillium Community Health Plan, for your commitment to serving your community.

You’re right—We ARE all in this together!