Local Programs Provide Housing, Nutrition, Life Skills, and More

A recent poll shows that 91% of Southern Oregonians across Douglas, Curry, Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties think homelessness is an important issue in their community. Most respondents agree the cause of homelessness lies in one of four general categories: affordable housing, drug addiction, lax government policy, and mental health issues.

Investing in local care is at the heart of Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs). Umpqua Health Alliance in Douglas County has been a leader in helping connect members with resources. Members of the CCO are individuals who receive free health care through the Oregon Health Plan, or Medicaid.

Local investments that address homelessness, promote nutrition, or create housing capacity all lead to a higher quality of life. Healthier people make for healthier communities, and Umpqua Health has supported and amplified the work of community partners to make a positive difference.

This video includes interviews with people who the local programs in Douglas County have positively impacted.

  • The Gary Leif Navigation Center is a shelter that provides the homeless with a roof over their heads and a connection to services that help them find their footing and get back on track.
  • Foodsmart and ThriveUmpqua help members plan and eat healthy meals and avoid negative health outcomes impacted by poor nutrition.
  • The Chadwick Clubhouse offers transitional housing and life skills training for people recovering from psychiatric hospitalizations and other mental health issues.