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Will COVID-19 change how Oregon approaches Health Policy?

For years, health care reform has been a major platform for many candidates running for public office, as well as a key legislative priority for many Oregon legislators. Whether it’s decreasing the prices of pharmaceutical drugs, increasing the number of insured Oregonians, or ensuring underrepresented communities receive the care that they need, we have been […]

OHP Utilization Increase

With 92,700 Oregonians filing for unemployment in a single week, many people may not have access to the health insurance they need during a pandemic. With the expansion of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, as well as the federal allowance to provide broadened eligibility to state Medicaid programs, we know many people will likely be filing […]

Governor Brown Aids New York

With 360,901 identified cases of the novel coronavirus in our country, the state of New York has been identified as the epicenter of the outbreak and carries more than 130,000 confirmed cases. For weeks, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been calling on President Trump to use the Defense Production Act to secure more medical […]


What should I do if I lose my job? Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, our unemployment benefits are quickly being expanded to include those that are out of work due to the virus. If you would like to apply for unemployment benefits, you can do so here. If you are still employed, but need sick […]

CCO Highlight – Advanced Health

All our member CCOs are doing stellar things during this pandemic to aid their communities, but this week we wanted to share what Advanced Health CCO, located Coos Bay, is doing for its members! In Coos Bay, Oregon, elderly folks make up about 28 percent of the city’s population, with a similar proportion in Curry […]

How will the CARES Act affect Oregonians & Our Health Care System?

Last week, the federal government passed a stimulus package aptly named the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This policy provides resources for individuals, small businesses, health care providers, hospital systems, corporations, and many more. We’ve all heard about the federal legislation that will supposedly provide cash payments to Americans, but what does […]

Oregon Receives Approval of Important Medicaid Waivers

Late last week, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) received word from the Centers on Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that most of our state’s 1135 waiver has been approved. This federal document allows flexibility in our Medicaid delivery system during times of crisis, in order to allow providers and coordinated care organizations (CCOs) to pivot […]

CCO Highlight—AllCare Health

While all of our member CCOs are doing amazing things in their communities, this week, we decided to highlight the work that AllCare Health has been putting in to ensure that the children in their service area do not go hungry, despite the closure of schools. Most children attending school in the Three Rivers School […]